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suspended witches 2017
suspended woman 2016
IíM FREE-Take a piece of me í12
can i have another question? í11
warning labels 2010
remind me to remember í10-í11
In the name of DoG 2010
please donít use me iím an artist -video- 2009
iím bare video- video 2009
go(o)d wife? í07-í09
video- not to posh to push 2002
habits í07
warm regard í04-í07
vision of new religion 2006
amazing vision ’02
video + DEATH DONíT BE PROUD 2000
human nature 2005
Leviís self expression ’99
Journey under the skin ’91-’01

In this chapter I follow the urgency to bear witness to how significantly the role of women in society have changed over the course of the centuries.
I’m investigate the gender stereotipe, highlights the desire to give a voice to the new sovversive female identity facing the patriarcal supremacy.

I explore the impact and collision on our time of female identity changing role, seen from different perspectives, be they social, psychological or geographical. Using Art as a powerful mirror of the times as well as an expression of vision and transformation.

This exploration thus reflects ever-present human disorders and, as such, reiterates an ancient unease, and records intimate and collective tragedies, that women sometimes accept.
A challenging dialogue between images, words, light, action and provocation to push new bounderies .

This work is my musing over the subject of “learned helplessness”, as theorised by the American psychologist Martin Seligman in 1967, whereby an animal repeatedly submitted to an electric shock and unable to avoid it, once given the opportunity to leave the cage is too helpless to escape.

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