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suspended light 2015
suspended balance 2015
in/significant-I’m in silence ’14
epochè-suspension of diesbelief-video 2013-
Work in progress 2009
breath ’10
do you think t(h)ank?
silence box 2005
il giorno e la notte hanno lo specchio giusto, l’uomo no ’06
my secret’s room ’06
vanity: how many steps to become nothing ’05
woman’s generation ’04
morte non essere orgogliosa ’01

For the first time in the history of life on earth, a single species is able to influence so radically the destiny of all other species.
In chapter 13.ID everything is simultaneously “suspended” and connected, “All is One”.

I reflect on human identity, the first species that creates dependence; a domesticating animal that is also self-domesticated. I observe and translate behaviours, motivations and relationships in a series of artworks inspired by the complex connection of man with himself and with his environment.

The injured instinct of the human being, who has favoured his rational side, is the cause of a rupture of balances, of a widening of differences, using/abusing “Mother Nature” and all that is within the definition of “different”. His actions verge on domination rather than equilibrium, man is more and more alienated from the natural laws that tend towards harmony and integration.
The works in this chapter highlight the relationship and responsibility of man, manifesting his presence as well as his absence.

Divisions are a construct of the human mind, for nature all is one.

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