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souspending ’05-’11
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“Show me a sane man and I will cure him”, said C.G. Jung.

In chapter 11.ID I linger on the subject of Suspended Identities - dichotomic par excellence - using it as a tool to interpret life’s alternating and multiplying storylines.
The dimension of "suspension" transcends all divisions and definitions of man’s illusory belief that he can understand and own life.
These works engender a feeling of estrangement in as much as they are a kind of mirror, a physical site that reflects a simultaneously virtual and tangible representation of existence.

Places non-places, impermanent times and spaces, labyrinths of the mind, thoughts, actions, borderline moments that unsettle because they undermine, break and tangle the commonplaces, subvert the quality of order and allow us to explore the dimension of the borders, where we do not belong to any place, to any time, and to any imposed model.

Like the heterotopias of the philosopher Michel Foucault, they represent a real site of displacement from legitimate spaces: churches, the sea, gardens, ships, retirement homes, psychiatric clinics, brothels, hospitals, such as the places where women were placed in isolation when menstruating.
A kind of “garden” seen as a place of contradiction and metaphor, where we perceive a sacred space that gathers, inside of its own rectangle of vegetation, the representation of the happy and domesticated microcosm.
We are permanently suspended between a microcosm and a macrocosm which we try to see and understand, we rotate like the earth in the universe, suspended between nature and artifice that is created by us, between past and future, life and death, dream and reality, matter and spirit, between instinct and rationality.

Suspended identity is like the unstable condition of insanity, apparently incoherent and transcendent, as much as precious because it enriches humanity and our understanding of it, where getting lost means finding the way!!
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