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“When childhood dies, its corpses are called adults” said Brian Aldiss.

In chapter 03. ID of my research on identity I give voice to the state of infancy, from the Latin “infans” which means voiceless. Children are nearer to the truth and are the mirror of our society.

Before the Twentieth century childhood was not given much value. The child was perceived as an individual to be turned into an adult as soon as possible.
Our society has placed an unprecedented level of scrutiny on the world of the child, also highlighting some contradictions: manipulation of childhood’s needs, exploitation and seduction of childhood’s innocence.
With these works I reflect on how much our society, the family, connections, social context and mass media, confuse education (from the Latin educere, i.e. bring out) with seduction (i.e. bring to self). This is perhaps the manipulation, our society’s biggest coercion: to pollute the mind of a child.
Children seduced by commercial adverts, by consumerism, inducted into violence by games, films etc., exploited during divorce proceedings and self-serving marriages.
More and more children are left to “mercenary” care or alone to be taken over by the television, also known as the third parent; addicted to violent games, smothered in presents to relieve guilt and lack of time, psychological victims of their parents’ inability to manage conflicts and arguments.

“Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life longing for itself” said the poet Kahlil Gibran.
They do not want our truth, they are on a journey in search of the self and of new truths; they need to learn to ask questions by themselves.

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