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Artist statement
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Artist statement
Ciriaca+Erre (born in Matera, 1973) lives and works between London and Lugano. Her output ranges from performance to videos, painting, photography, sculpture and installation art. Her investigation, characterized by an anthropological vision, stems from the dichotomic quality of the real and of human nature, also reflected in her pseudonym which merges two identities. Mirroring this split reality, her work is an in-depth analysis of the self, the search for an intimate identity, reaching and expanding its perspective to encompass the social sphere. “I look at the human microcosm as a paradox of the macrocosm where everything is connected, All is One” – declares the artist.

She confronts challenging themes, from female identity to human rights, from the environment to quantum psychology. Her latest works reflect the quest for identity in suspended places - both physical and temporal - approaching the concept of heterotopias theorized by the philosopher Michel Foucault, which the artist defines as “like mirrors that, in their being physical places, engender a feeling of estrangement, a virtual and at the same time a tangible representation of life”, like the villages of witches that she herself has filmed in Africa. Her impressions generate visual and emotional bewilderment, creating “a labyrinthine path in which – as the artist states – you need to lose yourself in order to find yourself”.

Her performances are characterized by the gift of the self, which the artist offers to her audience, establishing a strong bond with it, in a constant physical and emotional involvement, such as “In/significant, I’m in silence” at Buchmann Galerie (2014) in Lugano, during which she was silent for over 336 hours, and the 72 hours long performance “I’m free to take a piece of me” (2012), where inside a black cube of over 120 sq.m., situated within the Museo della Permanente in Milan, the artist, silent and fasting, freed herself from all ‘useless’ possessions, giving away over five hundred of her personal and valuable belongings.

She has been awarded several prizes, including: finalist at Mostyn Visual Arts Centre / Wales – UK (2015), Special Mention at Premio Terna (2010), Finalist at Premio Cairo (2001).
Participated at theTibetan Pavilion, a parallel event at the 55° Venice Biennale / Venice (2013). Exhibited in prestigious museums and galleries: Buchmann galerie / Lugano (2014), Mostyn Visual Arts Centre / Wales – UK (2015), MAMM – Multimedia Art Musuem / Moscow (2012), Museo Macro Testaccio / Rome (2012), Museo della Permanente / Milan (2012), European Festival of Photography / Reggio Emilia (2012), Palazzo Collicola / Spoleto (2011), Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi / Milan (2010), Fondazione Stelline (2005) / Milan, Italian Institute of Culture / Berlin (2005).
Her performances have animated important artistic sites such as Mama’s Theatre / New York (2011), the Italian Institute of Culture / Los Angeles (2011), Palazzo Reale / Milan (2010).

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