Ciriaca+Erre - “What about Herstory?” urban Installation
Ciriaca+Erre wins the Bally Artist 2018 awards
WeWorld Festival present Ciriaca+erre
Mostyn and Poincarè present Suspended Woman by Ciriaca+erre
Suspended Light 2015 - INDEX-Fondazione Southeritage
CIRIACA+R- Susended Balance - @EXPOMilan 2015
Ciriaca+Erre Finalist 2015 @Mostyn Museum Galles
Ciriaca+Erre @Buchmann Galerie Lugano
@Videoart Yearbook
@ TEA Museum - Tenerife
@Tibet Pavillion 55 Venice Biennal
@ Museum of Permanente in Milan
@Macro Museum, Rome
@MAMM - Multimedia Art Museum Moscow
@Civic Museums in Reggio Emilia with her new performance
European Photo Festival -Reggio Emilia 2012
@ICC Los Angeles
Ciriaca+Erre in New York 2011
Winner of Terna’s Prize 2010
@Palazzo Reale 2010
@Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi Milan- 2010
Finalist Terna’s Prize 2009
Mangia L’arte 2011
with her performance:

in New York
At Mama’s Theatre May 4th
April 25th 19:30pm at Wook / Lattuada Gallery - 10 East 33rd Street, 3rd floor

At the IMAFestival exhibition, EAT ART
within walking distance of the Empire State Building, one of her most emotionally impacting works,
her new performance with chocolate:
Can I Have Another Question?

The performance, premiered a few weeks ago in Milan, at the new bank, Extrabanca, was greeted with great surprise and success.

One cannot describe in words the pathos and the power of the artist’s interpretation.
Ciriaca+r at the center of a stage scattered with hundreds of chocolate coins, collects and melts the contents into a mold to produce a chocolate sculpture in the shape of the face of a newborn child.
As a modern Medea, she caresses, and eats the infant’s face; the destructive fury and despair of the artist symbolizes an act of self-cannibalism that we all accomplish when we keep silent or hide in the innermost areas of ourselves, our real needs and questions raised, and to which we do not want to answer.

The video performance of "Can I Have Another Question?" is now visible on the web:

In New York, Ciriaca+r,
will also exhibit her new installation
Can I Have Another Question?,
a large installation of over 4.5 x 3 meters
in the group exhibition EAT ART

Curated by Rossella Canevari, scheduled from May 3 to April 25, the exhibition includes works by nine contemporary artists: Alessandro Bazzan, Ciriaca+Erre, Michelangelo Galliani, Silvio Giordano, Julia Krahn, Michela Martello, Lucia Pescador, which interpret Italian wine and food excellences.

The exhibition now opening in New York, was first seen in Italy at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan, during the festival of the International Migration Art Festival (IMAF), and the gallery Lattuada Studio, Milan.

The exhibition offers a broader perspective of food and different issues related to it: each artist challenges the viewer with works that impact and suggest a new and fascinating journey to discover a different identity tied to food culture and its socio-cultural interactions.

With this new installation Ciriaca+r covers the walls with white fur, soft and reassuring a dip back into childhood from where she returns wondering
(Also the title of the work) that the artist has scratched, clipped, cut into the fur in striking contrast. Below emerge from the fur, side by side, heads and hands in chocolate, of children in prayer over hundreds of chocolate coins, a small prayer within which lies the dormant courage to ask of ourselves, of life, a bigger question.

the artist wants us to reflect on our desires, fears and strengths inherent in the questions.

As Ciriaca+r says: " They taught us not to question when we were little. In school we learn what somebody else discovered, wrote, experienced, yet even the biggest historical changes, any discovery big or small, have been made by those who had the strength to ask the right questions of him or herself, of life, of the people around them. We live in a society full of information, of apparent freedom of choice, but aren’t we actually governed by a fear of asking something more of life, to desire different politics, a different life, different rules or even no rules?"

Thanks to Rossella Canevari, Elena Maria Manzini, Imafestival, Caffarel and other sponsors.

Catalogues available at the gallery.

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