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Ciriaca+Erre at the Museum of Permanente in Milan
20 & 21 DECEMBER 2012

I’M FREE Take a piece of me

This performance originates from the artist’s need to free herself from the superfluous that clutters her life, living away 400 personal objects to the public over two days

From 20 to 21 December, Museum of Permanente will witness the protagonist Ciriaca+Erre’s event of deep fascination and profound conceptual significance.

During two days, the Italian-Swiss artist will involve the public into the performance I’M FREE Take a piece of me that starts on 19 December with a purifying fast in search of an equilibrium between the body and the spirit, and lasts for two days.

The action witnessing an active participation of visitors develops inside of an installation, which the artist has carefully studied, and consists of giving to the visitors more than 500 personal valuable objects, such as a motorbike, a bicycle, clothes, books, CDs, crystal glasses, design chairs, and games of her children. The performance was born out of the necessity of Ciriaca+Erre, just as in the catharsis of the Greek tragedy, to liberate herself from the superfluous that floods the house and life, or rather from the objects accumulated by the addiction of possession in order to reach the essential, the richness of the emptiness, a simple flow of life.

The installation follows a precise exhibitional path. Having crossed the hall of the Palazzo della Permanente, one continues following a black stair carpet adorned with white pebbles which, like in the fairy-tale Hansel and Gretel, indicate the direction. The artist gathers small groups of people, in silence, so as to create with them intimacy and equilibrium of energies with the aim to facilitate their conscious choice of an object. The moment of sharing between the artist and the visitor who receives the gift has an essential significance alluding to the concept of art as a gift for oneself and for the others. As Ciriaca+Erre affirms ‘art brings the artist to continuously give oneself, to share one’s life, one’s emotions and thoughts.’

The performative action develops in an enormous black cube, a symbolic reconstruction of a house, where the walls are delineated by white signs on the floor like on a reverse map, and the rooms are noticeable thanks to the names written on the floor where the objects to be given are exhibited in imaginary rooms, illuminated by narrow directional lights.
The sound of flowing water highlights the flow of life.

Each object has a tag with the signature I’m FREE, the same as the title of the performance containing various signifiers:
I’m FREE indicates the sentiment of liberation that the artists experiences by giving to the public the objects which, as she herself declares, ‘are blocking my sentiments and my vital energies’;
I’m FREE is also a reflection on the gift that does not require anything in return as well as on ‘the present.’ For the sake of living and enjoying ‘the present’ one has to consciously let go everything that one does not love and does not use, and release it into the cycle, just like in nature where our waste becomes the nutrition for another life;
I’M FREE indicates the liberty of the visitor to receive the gift.

Opening hours:
20 December, Thursday from 15:00 till 20:30
21 December, Friday from 9.00 till 13:00/ 14:30 till 20:30

Free Entry

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