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Ciriaca+erre Tibet Pavillion 55 Venice Biennal

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1 June - 7 September 2013

A parallel event of the 55th Venice Art Biennial

For this occasion, the Italo-Swiss artist will present the video work
Only by eliminating preconceptions and prejudices can we know the truth

Vernice: Saturday 1 June, at 18.00

From 1 June to 7 September 2013, the Santa Marta Church in Venice will host the Tibet Pavilion, a parallel event of the 55th Venice Art Biennial.

The initiative, organised by Ruggero Maggi, with the patronage of the City of Venice – Department of Youth Policy – Peace Centre, involves several artists who have been asked to highlight together the profound sense of spirituality in Tibetan culture and to create a bridge with sensations to provide visitors with greater knowledge about the Tibetan people, who can be defined as an ethnic minority who risk losing their cultural and spiritual heritage based on concepts of peace and non-violence.

The Italo-Swiss artist Ciriaca+Erre, one of the protagonists of this exhibition, has been selected with the her new work Epochè - Suspension of disbelief forming part of a broader project called Suspended Identities, which she has been working on for several years.

The video focuses on the protection of human rights, with alternating flashes that tell a story: images of gardens, people in prison, flows of coloured sand, horses, Tibetan monks, policemen and fragments of interviews.
A shot leads the visitor into a maze of sensations punctuated by whispering voices, the sound of breathing, prayers, creaking and footsteps.
You do not exactly know where you are, since Ciriaca+Erre tries to suspend the observers’ judgement so that they can approach the work without prejudices.

The video is entirely shot inside the first advanced program prison of Bollate, focused on the protection of human rights. The men we see engaged in different activities and in the interviews are inmates and prison wardens, while the Tibetans, under the special project in the prison, were asked to meticulously create a sand mandala for the inmates.
Tibet and the Italian prison inmates might seem to be very separate worlds, socially and geographically, but for the artist the connection is very strong.
In Tibet, monks die of imprisonment, while in Italy the monks go to a prison to create and then dissolve a mandala, a fundamental symbol of their tradition representing impermanence: everything ends and nothing is eternal, only the present exists.
At the same time, in the prison, some of the inmates follow a path of self-awareness, and here and there, during the interviews, we understand that they are close to Buddhism, trying to achieve a new balance, to give an order and meaning to things, something they did not have in the world beyond prison bars.

“The two worlds are not really so far apart, everything comes and goes as in a circle, nothing has an independent existence,” says Ciriaca+Erre.
This year, in fact, the European Human Rights Court in Strasbourg has condemned Italy in relation to the country’s prison system for the “violation of human rights, torture and inhuman and degrading treatment”, the same rights that have been violated in Tibet for years, inducing many monks to set fire to themselves in the hope of breaking the terrible silence and stimulating the willingness to change among those who have the power to trigger this change.

Ciriaca+Erre, through her work, asks whether we can imagine social change with a reawakening of conscience that does not regard one country only but a human dimension of growth.

Epochè - Suspension of disbelief
Venice, Tibet Pavilion, Santa Marta Church
(Spazioporto, ex Chiesa Santa Marta, Area Portuale 301239)
1 June – 7 September 2013
Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday 10.00/18.00. Closed Monday

Vernice: 29/30/31 May 2013, from 15.00 to 20.00
Journalists can visit the Pavilion by appointment, also in the morning, by phoning 347.7907534

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Anna Defrancesco, tel. 02 36 755 700;

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