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CIRIACA+R- Susended Balance - @EXPOMilan 2015
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April, 13th – May, 31st 2015

1, Via Verri, Milan

On the occasion of the EXPO Milan 2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life"
a new urban installation by

slinging equilibriums tie man, art and nature.
The most recent project of the Italian-Swiss artist to denounce the planet
natural balance alteration caused by the human way of conceiving nourishment.

Press conference with the artist
Monday April, 13th 2015 from 6 pm
At the Swiss Corner, Piazza Cavour, Milan

Art is a revolutionary mirror of our time and its transformations, it anticipates trends and visions. From this statement Ciriaca+Erre - versatile, provocative and visionary Italian-Swiss artist - on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition in Milan will transform a shop window in Via Verri, in a "Con-temporary Art". In the center of Milan, in the fashion, shopping and luxury district, from April, 13th to May, 31st, her new installation "Suspended Balance" will take place. The aim of the artwork is to be a simple but disarming account of how the human idea of nourishment reverses the natural balance of the planet. Everything is connected by an invisible thread, a delicate balance that in the last century has been compromising, significantly and exponentially, the order that regulates life on earth, thus relating mankind’s responsibility and its interaction with the biosphere.

The strength of the project lies in the choice of the location, a shop window with no public access, a surreal white ambience, without boundaries, a space made with 24 hours light on every day. Obtained with an innovative and environmentally friendly paint that refracts light playing out the process of photosynthesis that transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen.

No invitation to consumerism in the heart of shopping and luxury, but an invitation to stop and think. The work "Suspended Balance" - alone and suspended, literally and figuratively, within a paradoxical and unreal space, that seems to capture us in its light in a sort of infinite. The passer-by’s look, drawn to windows, fashion and shopping, will find itself in a sort of visual disorientation where a window becomes inaccessible and, thanks to a QRcode and a smartphone, it will become interactive, launching us into a kind of open-air museum where we will find a powerful audiovisual message, to raise awareness on the subject of the nourishment of the planet.
The installation offers to the public a vision in which the beauty and elegance of a sacred seventeenth century wooden ladle pours the lifeblood in a half a century old bonsai tree, linked by an invisible thread to hint the idea of the unity of nature.

“The artwork - explains Ciriaca+Erre - is the metaphor of man’s need to domesticate nature as well himself, compromising the balance of universal laws. The harmony of giving and receiving. Nothing exists independently, everything is connected. Tam infra quam supra... As above, so below. Everything flows, in and then out. Everything rises and then falls. Nothing stays still. Everything is swinging, everything moves”.
"The divisions are a creation of the human mind, nature sees all as one - concludes the artist -. In the same tree we see leaves, fruits, branches, different from each other, but they are one, being all comprised in the name tree. Their root is one, their sap is one. "

+ERRE visionary and provocative italian-swiss artist, defined by some people a "priestess of art", ranges from performance to video, from painting to photography, from sculpture to installation. Her performances have enlivened important artistic venues such as Mama’s theater, one of the most innovative sites in New York, the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles, Palazzo Reale in Milan.
Winner of the Special Mention of the Terna Prize in 2010 and among the protagonists of the Tibet Pavilion in the parallel event of the 55th Biennial of Art in Venice. Her works have been exhibited with artists such as Bruce Nauman, Nam June Paik, Marina Abramovic’, Vito Acconci, Merce Cunningham, Jan Fabre, Shilpa Gupta and others in prestigious museums such as the MAMM - Multimedia Art Museum Moscow, the Macro Testaccio Museum in Rome, the Civic Museums at the European Festival of Photography in Reggio Emilia, in the most exclusive halls of Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi in Milan, at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, at the Fondazione Stelline in Milan, at Palazzo Collicola in Spoleto, at the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin.
In 2012 she is at the Permanente Museum in Milan with the performance "I’m Free-take a piece of me": three days of silence and fasting during which she donated more than 500 personal items to rid herself of the superfluous, yearning the void and seeking the essential.
In her last performance, in November 2014, at the Buchmann Galerie in Lugano she kept the silence for more than 366 hours, experiencing a new inner peace and a deeper rhythm of living.
Currently her work "Catharsis" is on display at the Mostyn Museum in Wales, finalist for Open19 selected within over 800 international artists.

Milan, March 2015

We would like to thank Swiss Institute of Culture, Chambers of Commerce of Swiss in Italy, Massimo Sforza, Adalberto Pironi, Archilex, i Guzzini, Alessandra Klimciuk and BCom – Business Communications.

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