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CIRIACA+ERRE @INDEX- SoutHeritage Foundation
On the occasion of the Contemporary Art Day organized by AMACI -
Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums

Saturday, October 10th, at 7:30 pm

SoutHeritage Foundation
presents a new site-specific project created by the artist

Suspended Light 2015

A lonely light moves inside an extreme cement space
A warning to keep alive the frail relationship between man and nature

Curated by Lucia Ghidoni
From the 11th of October to the 31st of December 2015
INDEXarea @ Centro per la Creatività Cecilia, Tito/Potenza.

Southeritage Foundation invites the artist CIRIACA+ERRE to exhibit for the third appointment of INDEXarea, the first space dedicated to the contemporary artists in Basilicata – south of Italy, during the Contemporary Art Day yearly organized by AMACI association.

IndexArea is an extreme exhibition space physically forbidden to the public, it is a box made in cement twenty meters long and two wide. From the 11th of October It hosts the site-specific artwork Suspended Light, created by the Italian/Swiss artist CIRIACA+ERRE, based in London and Lugano but native from Basilicata.

Suspended Light is a solitary light in the dark that evokes, with its slow move in space, the magic flight of a firefly, animal index for excellence in environmental health, where the gradual disappearance from the Italian countryside has sadly marked the path of our contemporary society toward industrialization.

His symbolic presence in the space of Cecilia is an invitation to the viewer to be fascinated by the movement of this faint glow, but his solitary wanderings and artificial is also a clear sign of attention to the problems that currently shake Basilicata, rural region remained almost untouched to these days, the nature of which is now at great risk because of the extraction of oil too, with social and ecological consequences.

Suspended Light is a warning to the conservation and protection of our natural heritage, an appeal to keep alive the relationship that binds us to nature and to ensure that this wealth, constantly under threat, only becomes, mentioning the words of Pier Paolo Pasolini "a memory, harrowing enough, of the past”.

“For the first time in the history of life on earth, a single species is able to radically affect the fate of all the others – declares the artist. Then I observe the human microcosm as a macrocosm paradox, where everything is related. Everything is One”

CIRIACA+ERRE, due to the particular conformation of the space, creates an artwork that surprises in its simplicity thanks to its emotional and symbolic power.
As for her last art installation Suspended Balance, realized for EXPO 2015 with the support of Poincaré Investments Limited, she experiences the lack of a direct contact with the visitor and the relationship between man and environment.

Her versatile figure is considered as one of the most interesting among the Italian artist scene. She is internationally well-known thanks to her long honoured career with prizes and exhibitions in major galleries and institutions. Her work focuses on the research of a self- and also social and intimate identity, where the establishment of a strong bond with the viewer, through a physical and emotional involvement, makes each works unique and strong impact experience.

With this new appointment of INDEXarea, SoutHeritage is becoming a reality that invests in promoting the heritage and talents of the area. A stationary space, open for debate and experimentation, that promotes the development of action-oriented to the debate on contemporary culture in Basilicata, lately experiencing a renewed turmoil.

CIRIACA+ERRE - Suspended Light

Curated by: Lucia Ghidoni
c/o Centro per la Creatività Cecilia, Contrada Santa Venere , 85050 Tito – PZ
Opening: Saturday, October 10th, at 7:30 pm
Period: 11 October > 31 December 2015
Info: Fondazione SoutHeritage + 39 0835 240348,,
Centro Cecilia + 39 0971 798342,

left - Ciriaca+erre –ph: Greta Brandt 2014
right - spazio Index Ph: Massimo Lovisco
© Fondazione SoutHeritage per l’arte contemporanea + Ciriaca+Erre

Ciriaca erre Suspended light 2015 Ciriaca erre Suspended light 2015
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