Ciriaca+Erre - “What about Herstory?” urban Installation
Ciriaca+Erre wins the Bally Artist 2018 awards
WeWorld Festival present Ciriaca+erre
Mostyn and Poincarè present Suspended Woman by Ciriaca+erre
Suspended Light 2015 - INDEX-Fondazione Southeritage
CIRIACA+R- Susended Balance - @EXPOMilan 2015
Ciriaca+Erre Finalist 2015 @Mostyn Museum Galles
Ciriaca+Erre @Buchmann Galerie Lugano
@Videoart Yearbook
@ TEA Museum - Tenerife
@Tibet Pavillion 55 Venice Biennal
@ Museum of Permanente in Milan
@Macro Museum, Rome
@MAMM - Multimedia Art Museum Moscow
@Civic Museums in Reggio Emilia with her new performance
European Photo Festival -Reggio Emilia 2012
@ICC Los Angeles
Ciriaca+Erre in New York 2011
Winner of Terna’s Prize 2010
@Palazzo Reale 2010
@Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi Milan- 2010
Finalist Terna’s Prize 2009
Ciriaca+Erre wins the Bally Artist 2018 awards
Bally Foundation’s President, Nicolas Girotto has announced
Ciriaca+Erre as the winner of the Bally Artist 2018 awards,
ceremony took place on 9 September 2019
at the Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana (MASI) al LAC a Lugano. CH

Ciriaca+Erre, Chatharsis, 2010 – 2019
9sqm cube, acrilic and resin painting on 200x200cm, video porjector, projection on 200x200cm, expanded poliprolipene carpet. Installation rendering, courtesy of the artist. Cerimony award pictures at the Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana (MASI) al LAC a Lugano, CH, courtesy of The Bally Foundation.

The 11th edition of the Bally Artist competition in 2018 asked artists to offer an alternative perspective on reality and on “the extra-geographic world”. This was a broad concept that provided ample scope for interpretation. The artists were asked to reflect on what they think of as “the world”, on the limits of our vision and on the temporary nature of perception. The focus on that hidden, sometimes unexpected, hard-to-image potential that leads us to look inwards, at our very sense of being.

The winner of the title of Bally Artist 2018 was Ciriaca+Erre. Born in Matera in 1973, and now a resident of the Canton of Ticino, Ciriaca+Erre is a transcendental artist whose works include performance art, video, painting, photography, sculpture and installations. Her activities as an artist have seen her travel regularly between Lugano and London, where she has been able to come into contact with the international art scene. Her works have been exhibited in many countries, including Switzerland, UK, USA, Russia and Italy, including at the Tibet Pavilion as part of an event running in parallel to the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013.

The foundation decided to honour Ciriaca+Erre on account of her work exploring the complexity of mankind and the depth with which she tackled a variety of issues in the common interest, such as identity, human rights and the role of artists in modern-day society. Her questioning the Anthropocene era can be seen in the winning work, Catharsis. Created between 2010 and 2019, it consists of a black cube measuring nine cubic metres, within which spectators are exposed to a truly immersive experience. Inside, one of the walls features a painting in acrylic and resin, while on the opposite wall is a mirror projection of the various stages of creation of the same image, in photographic form and with a time delay. The idea is to create a metaphor for our world in which people are always searching for their own individuality. The work also interacts with the parallel universe of the internet, a place of borderless human geography, using an algorithm that provokes the partial movement of the projected photographic image.

The artist will also be creating a new work exclusively for the Bally Foundation. The work will be exhibited in selected Bally stores and at the Bally Showroom in Milan.

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