Ciriaca+Erre - “What about Herstory?” urban Installation
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Ciriaca+Erre - “What about Herstory?” urban Installation

Ciriaca+Erre, “What about herstory?, 2019 installation view, courtesy of the artist

curated by Paola Ugolini
Urban installation located in the city of Lugano
7 October - 7 November 2019

Inauguration and talk: Wednesday 9 October, 6 pm,
Cinema Iride Piazza S. Rocco 3, Lugano

Dialogue in three voices with projection of two videos by the artist:
Suspended Women (2016) and Suspended Witches (2017)

speakers include:
artist Ciriaca + Erre, curator Paola Ugolini, Rachele Santoro Delegate for Equal Opportunities moderated by Alessandra Klimciuk, responsible for Art and Culture Fondazione Stelline, Milan.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Ticino, artist Ciriaca + Erre intervenes with a new large-scale artistic project carried out under the patronage of the Municipality of Lugano.
The urban installation, which involves the entire city, consists of a series of posters, whose images deal with the theme of the evolution of the female identity to commemorate a very significant historical and social date: the 19th of October, 1969. On this date, and for the first time in the area of Ticino, women have been granted the right to vote, two years earlier than the Swiss Confederation.

The project is realized thanks to the support of Poincaré, a Swiss company engaged in the arts and sports sector that over the years has actively sustained and promoted talented artists, with a particular focus on projects that carry an important social and ethical component.

The title of the urban installation "What About Herstory?" contrasts with the masculine use of the word History, a sequence of actions and glorious events performed by men where the role of women is completely omitted. To reflect on this and on the hard-won rights of women, the artist has created a series of advertising posters taken from still frames of two of her video works: Suspended Women (2016) and Suspended Witches (2017).

The archive images of the suffragette struggles alternate with misogynist advertising campaigns from the 1950s as well as contemporary images of African women who continue to be persecuted as witches and exiled from their villages (as personally documented by the artist), and other evocative images.The witches’ theme relates deeply to Switzerland history, Switzerland being the last country to sentence a woman to death in 1792 with the accusation of witchcraft and the first government in the world to rehabilitate it in 2008 by recognizing it as a "judicial murder".

Thus Ciriaca + Erre intervenes in the iconographic fabric of the City, taking art out of the places conventionally assigned to it, with a work designed to shake the mind of the observer and trigger an essential reflection on HERstory: how the systematic oppression and persecution of women persists to this day in remote places in Africa, but also, reverberates under different guises, in our western world.

Quoting the project’s curator, Paola Ugolini’s introduction: "In a world where smoothness and pleasantness have become the hallmark of our time, just think of the I-phone screens evenness, and the culture of ’likes’ imposed by the new digital society in social relations, Ciriaca + Erre’s billboards restore dignity and integrity to sight. Art must provoke a shock to provide the public with the opportunity to go beyond appearances and question the current status quo. The showreel of images selected by the artist can hopefully serve to this purpose: to shake public opinion and inspire a necessary, overdue change in attitude and form towards women everywhere in the world".

The posters will be positioned in strategic, trafficked points in the city such as the entrance of Lugano central station, the lakefront and several other passage areas, thanks to the support of the technical sponsor APG | SGA.
Art critic and independent curator Paola Ugolini curated “What About Herstory?” Ugolini has curated numerous exhibitions and artistic projects focusing on video art and the use of the body in performance art and feminist art.

Ciriaca + Erre (Matera, Italy, 1973) lives between Lugano and London.
Recently awarded the Bally 2018 Artist Prize, she has received numerous awards, including: finalist at the Mostyn Visual Arts Center / Wales, UK (2015), Special Mention of the Terna Italia Award (2010), Cairo Italy Prize Finalist (2001).Ciriaca + Erre participated in the Tibet Pavilion, a parallel event of the 55th Venice Biennale (2013) and has exhibited in different museums and galleries: Buchmann Lugano (2014), Mostyn Visual Arts Center / Wales- UK (2015), MAMM - Multimedia Art Museum / Moscow (2012), Macro Museum Testaccio / Rome (2012), Museo della Permanente / Milan (2012), European Festival of Photography / Reggio Emilia (2012), Palazzo Collicola / Spoleto (2011), Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi / Milan (2010), Fondazione Stelline / Milan (2005), Italian / Berlin Institute of Culture (2005) Her performances have animated international artistic venues such as the Mama’s Theater / New York (2011), the Italian Cultural Institute / Los Angeles (2011), Palazzo Reale / Milan (2010).

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