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Suspended Witches 2017
West Africa

Suspended woman 2016
Video wall- Urban installation- curated by Alfredo Cramerotti
for Con-Temporary Art Como, Milano , Italy
Supported by Mostyn Museum, Wales and Poincare Investment.

Suspended Light 2015
Installation , concrete, light. dimension mt 11x mt2,00 mt 2,60 x mt
@INDEXarea-Centro per la Creatività Cecilia, Tito/Potenza.

Urban Installation, window, light, bonsai, concret, resin
Realize under the patronage of Swiss Institute of Culture,
Chambers of Commerce of Switzerland in Italy,with support of Poincaré Investmant ltd
for Con-Temporary Art, 1, Via Verri, Milan

IN/SIGNIFICANT Iím in silence 2014
Performance and video installation
@Buchman Galerie Lugano (CH)
she kept the silence for more than 366 hours, experiencing a new inner peace and a deeper rhythm of living.
Ciriaca+erre has also explored barriers, fears and tensions of our way of living, sharing with one person at a time the daily
and intimate gesture to wash the hands and turning it into an cathartic’s action.

Catharsis 2014
finalist at
MOSTYN Museum – Open 19 –March 2015

Ciriaca+Erre’s selected work for Open 19
Catharsis 2014
cm.200x200 painting, resin and acrilics on canvas

IíM FREE Take a piece of me 2012
At the Museum of Permanente in Milan Free herself from the superfluous that clutters her life, living away 500 personal
valuable objects to the public over two days, in silence and fast, cas in the catharsis of the Greek tragedy.

extract of 2 min from the video
Running time: 12’22"
The video has been selected @Tibet Pavilion, a parallel event of the 55th Venice Art Biennial.

This work focuses on the protection of human rights.
The video is entirely shot inside the first advanced program prison of Bollate,Italy.

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