Ciriaca+Erre vince il Premio Artista Bally dell’anno 2018
Streghe, Femminismo e attivismo nell’Arte contemporanea.
Pubblicità sessista e identità femminile nell’arte pubblica
Suspended Light 2015 - Fondazione Southeritage
Ciriaca+Erre la nuova installazione per EXPO Milano 2015
Ciriaca+Erre finalista @Mostyn Museum Galles
Ciriaca+Erre @Buchmann Galerie Lugano
@Videoart Yearbook 2014
Ciriaca+erre apre le porte del carcere
Per Panorama a 360 gradi
@ TEA Museum - Tenerife
Museo Criminologico, Roma
Padiglione Tibet, Biennale di Venezia
performance al Museo della Permanente Milano
Museo Macro Roma
MAMM - Multimedia Art Museum Moscow
Musei Civici si Reggio Emilia
Festival della Fotografia Europea 2012
Asta benefica Christie 2011
IIC Los Angeles 2011
Mama’s Theatre New York 2011
vince al Premio Terna 2010
Palazzo Reale ottobre 2010
Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi- settembre 2010
Finalista Premio Terna 2009
@ TEA Museum - Tenerife

Did you lose it ?
After STIFTELSEN 3,14 Foundation, Bergen (Norway),Macro Museum in Rome,
London, Teheran, New York, Amsterdam

the video I’M BARE-dedicated to my computer by CIRIACA+ERRE
will be screening for Time is Love.6 at

Av de Sebastian 10 - 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Spain

are you there? Hope you can enjoy it!

[Show 7]
International video art program- Curated by Kisito Assangni -
29 November - 1 December 2013

I’m bare…dedicated to my computer
by Ciriaca+Erre 2009

this video shows us how the frontiers between public and private identity become blurred. By using her computer and sharing the vehemence of an unexpected cry the artist makes us notice this emerging phenomenon. The cry is the symbol of baring oneself from any convention, imposed education, and rigidity. It is conceived as a liberating wave in which one submerges so as to regenerate. While watching the video you are left out of breath but when you become a child you succeed in getting pleasure of this intense pain.
Ciriaca+Erre makes us muse to what extent the computer, realized as a cold machine, is becoming a continuation of our intimacy.
As the artist declares, it is a window to internal and external world of these boxes (houses, machines, etc.) in which we are tamed to live.
Time is Love Screening is a roving international video art program on the theme of love in hard times.
Since 2008 the project has been exploring forms of artistic expression rising from society and the new media’s use of technology.
The loving feelings recover the desert of our biggest troubles as our most beautiful enjoyments. The selected artists venture on the thread of this tricky ambivalence. They deliver us without concession a range of complexities and passions generated by human relationships. Each of the artists leads an interdisciplinary practice bringing a questioning and a criticism on a system of relation to others which appears to us as being dying.

Special thanks to Montse Arbelo & Joseba Franco.
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