Ciriaca+Erre 2014-2020, video 360º/installation,Dimension determined bythe space, painting acrilicand resin on canvas cm 200x200,black circular carpet Ø 180 cm, idropol 360; Oculus quest,video 360º virtual reality, Bally Foundation’s collection.

Installation commissioned by the Bally Foundation as a reward for winning the 11th prize of Bally Artist of the
Year. The installation consists of a 200x200 cm painting, a 180 cm diameter of circular sensory carpet and an oculus quest with 360 degree virtual reality experience. The spectator will walk barefoot on the sensory carpet, looking at the painting and then will wear the oculus go. After putting the glasses on, he will find himself on a virtual sensory carpet that comes to life, in front of him the
virtual painting.
After a few seconds, he starts an experience that will lead him to crash into the artwork, and then he will live the experience of the man in the painting. He will be floating into the water in a giant plastic sphere.
This kind of lucid dream want to also reflect on the relationship between human and technologies, and thinking about the constant decline of the connection with the natural environment.