Ciriaca+Erre 2015, dimension 20-meter cement tunnel, intermittent light- site-specific installation for Southeritage Foundation(IT).

A solitary light is suspended in a radical concrete space, a 20-meter long tunnel enclosed by a massive glass.
Suspended Light is an appeal to keep alive the increasingly fragile relationship that links humans to nature.
With its slow and intermittent movement in space, a solitary light immersed in darkness evokes the magical flight of the firefly, an indicator species revealing the environmental health of a territory, whose gradual disappearance from the countryside has sadly marked the path of our society contemporary towards industrialization.

As in her installation Suspended Balance, created for EXPO 2015 in Milan, the artist once more confronts the lack of direct contact with the user and the relationship between man and the environment.
This site-specific work in Basilicata, in the south of Italy, is an invitation for the spectator to be fascinated by the movement of this tenuous glow, but its solitary and artificial movement is also a clear signal of attention to the problems that currently shake this rural region, remained almost untouched until today and now strongly at risk also due to the extraction of oil, with significant repercussions on the environmental and social level. Suspended Light is a warning to the preservation and protection of our environmental heritage, an appeal to keep alive the relationship that binds us to nature and to prevent this wealth, constantly under threat, from becoming just, to say it in the words of Pier Paolo Pasolini, “A quite harrowing memory of the past”.
“For the first time in the history of life on earth, a single species is able to influence so radically the destiny of all others,” declares the artist.