(click on the picture to see an extract from the video)
Ciriaca+erre 2013, single channel video with audio, duration 12’22”

This video work was previewed at the Tibet Pavilion during the 55th Venice Art Biennale. Later it was screened at the Criminological
Museum of Rome and inside the Bollate prison in a sort of “Mise en abyme” which allowed the public to enter the work itself. Ciriaca Erre lets us enter the first advanced treatment prison in Italy, in the same year that the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg condemned Italy in relation to its penitentiary system for “violation of human rights, torture and inhuman and degrading treatment “, the same rights that for years have been violated in Tibet and for which many monks set themselves on fire in the hope of breaking a terrible silence and stimulating a desire for change in those who have the power to trigger it.

In the video, which focuses on the protection of human rights, flashes alternate that give life to a non-linear story. A shot leads the visitor into a maze of sensations. To the observer it is not given to know where you are: The intention of the artist, in fact, is to try to suspend the judgment of the beholder so that we can approach the work without prejudice. What are Buddhist monks doing in a western prison? Who are the men who practice yoga in the prison? What is a white horse doing between bars? And those well-groomed gardens? The video contains the exclusive images of the first Mandala made in a detention institute in Italy and one of the very few in the world, a fundamental symbol of their tradition, and representation of impermanence: everything passes and nothing is eternal, only the present exists.

The artist also dwells on some prisoners who follow a path of self-awareness, of which at times, during the interviews, we sense the closeness to the Buddhist philosophy, thanks to which they try to reach a new balance, to give order and meaning to things, which in the world outside the bars, they didn’t have.
“The two realities are not so far apart; everything comes back and returns like in a circle, nothing exists independently “, says Ciriaca+Erre.